July 2011 (3)
Jul 30 2011 8:03PM
Join the founder of Run for Congo
Dear reader Run alongside Lisa Shannon , founder of Run for Congo Women and author of A Thousand Sisters: My Journey into the Worst Place on Earth to Be a Woman , on 11th September in Hyde Park ! By taking part in our first ever 5k cha...
Jul 21 2011 6:08PM
The imprisonment of Actresses is Iran; new developements in suppressing women
The Feminist School A month ago Marzieh Vafamenhr, who is an actress as well producer of documentaries was detained and sent to the notorious Gharechak-Varanmin prison which is known as not a prison but a torture chamber without the le...
Jul 16 2011 12:27PM
Voices from Iran's prisons:documentary made by Farah Shilandary
http://www.icavi.org/pages/library_media.php A documentary made by Farah Shilandary of a woman in the Iranian prisons. A horiffic tale of a woman who was detained during demonstrations in Iran.