October 2013 (3)
Oct 18 2013 5:15PM
Juvenile offender executed in Gaza
Hani Abu Alian was executed by the Hamas de facto administration at the Jawazat police compound in Gaza City. He was executed despite serious concerns about the fairness of his trial, including allegations he was tortured to “confess”....
Oct 4 2013 6:18PM
Bahrain: Child protesters given 10 years in prison
Jehad Sadeq ‘Aziz Salman and Ebrahim Ahmed Radi al-Moqdad, two 16-year-old Bahraini boys, have had their 10-year prison sentences upheld by the High Criminal Court of Appeal. The two children had been convicted under articles of the Ba...
Oct 3 2013 11:52AM
Bahrain authorities arrest yet another child
Sayed Hassan Sayed Mohammad Shubbar, a 14-year-old Bahraini boy, has been arrested and the Public Prosecution has extended his detention pending investigation. He is currently being held in a juvenile detention centre and has reportedl...