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August 2013 (6)
Aug 16 2013 3:56PM
Egypt: Authorities preparing to deport refugee children

The Egyptian authorities are preparing to deport a group of refugees, threatening their lives and security. The group which consists of 13 Syrians and 28 Palestinians is to be deported to Turkey and the Gaza Strip respectively. The...

Aug 14 2013 3:54PM
Mexico: Marines abduct adult and children

In July 2013 two children and an adult were detained by Mexican marines in the northern city of Nuevo Laredo. They have not been seen since and the military authorities have denied arresting them. They may have been subjected to...

Aug 10 2013 12:37AM
Honduras: Human rights activists abducted while defending children's rights

Since 2012 members of the Nueva Esperanza community have been campaigning against a local mining project which is disrupting the lives of local communities and threatens to rob them of their right to self-determination, as stipulated...

Aug 8 2013 11:31PM
Romania: Stop new forced eviction of Roma in Baia Mare

Romani families in the Craica settlement in the town of Baia Mare, Romania, are at imminent risk of a new forced eviction. On 2 August, approximately 30 families reportedly received orders asking them to leave their houses by 5 August...

Aug 6 2013 12:50AM
Albania: Roma families at risk of forced eviction

Around 37 Roma families in Albania are being threatened with forced eviction as the land they currently inhabit is targeted for redevelopment. The landowner has refused to respect procedures set out in law, and the authorities have...

Aug 5 2013 10:51PM
Bahrain: Child sent to prison after demonstration

Hussain al-Hawaj, a 15-year-old boy, was sentenced to five years imprisonment by a Bahraini court on 9 June 2013. He was sentenced for participation in a protest, arson and rioting. He is currently being held in Jaw Prison, a detention...