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May 2013 (3)
May 30 2013 11:23PM
Poland: Threats of forced eviction to Roma continue

An estimated 20 Roma residents including children who have been living in an informal settlement on Paprotna Street, Wroclaw for the past three years, were served with a 14-day eviction notice by the municipality on 7 May 2013. The...

May 27 2013 10:43PM
Morocco: Child tortured and detained in Western Sahara

On 15 May 2013, 17-year-old El Hussein Bah was jailed and allegedly tortured in Laayoune Civil Prison, Western Sahara. El Hussein Bah along with five other Saharawis were reportedly arrested in their homes on 9 May 2013, in connection...

May 26 2013 11:57PM
Venezuela: Child murdered amid allegations of police complicity

Roni Barrios, a 17-year old boy, was brutally murdered with an axe or machete on the night of 16 May 2013, in Aragua state, Venezuela. Since 1998 members of the Barrios family have been murdered in circumstances that suggest police...