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May 2012 (4)
May 27 2012 1:19PM
Child Massacre in Houla

The UN has confirmed that over 90 civilians have been killed in Houla. The dead include 32 children under the age of 10. The killing of these innocent children is a shocking and horrific crime in clear violation of international law...

May 18 2012 10:27AM
AIUK AGM 2012: Support for a street-child rights campaign

The Amnesty UK AGM carried the following resolution in April 2012: "In the light of the ICM decision to give greater emphasis to campaigning on children’s human rights and the current interest by the UN Human Rights Council on issues...

May 18 2012 10:05AM
Street children at the United Nations

Our AIUK Children's Human Rights Network colleague at the Consortium for Street Children, Advocacy Officer Louise Meincke, has had a very busy year, since the creation of International Day for Street Children on April 12th, 2011. This...