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March 2011 (5)
Mar 29 2011 1:57PM
Impunity, a film about Colombia, showing in London

Impunity, a film about Colombia, was shown 29 March and will be shown on 31 March in London as part of the Human Rights Watch film festival.

Mar 29 2011 1:47PM
MPs to look into corporate tax avoidance

A select committee is to investigate corporate tax avoidance.

Mar 28 2011 11:25PM
Law to control vulture funds to become permanent

The law to protect some of the poorest countries from profiteering by vulture funds is to become permanent, the UK government has announced. See this page of the Jubilee Debt Campaign website. This law has already saved the country of...

Mar 9 2011 10:18PM
Presunto Culpable

Presunto Culpable (Presumed Guilty) is a documentary critical of the Mexican justice system. It centres on the case of a young man accused of murder. An appeals court has now declared that it is wrong to prevent the film being shown...

Mar 2 2011 11:16AM
Ask Malta to give asylum to Libyan pilots who did the right thing have a petition urging the Maltese government to grant asylum to two Libyan pilots who refused to bomb civilians in Libya. Their likely punishment if they returned to Libya could be execution.