May 2010 (5)
May 21 2010 11:37AM
Cuba imprisons more writers than any other Latin American country
English PEN has published a briefing on Freedom of Expression in Cuba or rather the lack of it. Cuba has more writers in prison than any other country in Latin America. Worldwide only China and Iran have a worse record.
May 18 2010 5:37PM
Mugabe and the White African    
On 18 May 2010 there was a showing of Mugabe and the White African at Amnesty's Human Rights Action Centre in London. On the same date the film was shown on television on More4. The documentary tells the story of Michael Campbell who h...
May 9 2010 10:03AM
Appalling conditions for prisoners in Zimbabwe
The Observer reports on sick and starving prisoners in Zimbabwe . It is not just in Zimbabwe because prisoners suffer appalling conditions in many parts of Africa.
May 6 2010 8:32AM
Place your cross with care
Today you have the chance to place your cross, to vote in the UK's general election. Some may not bother to vote but I think that it is an important duty and a privilege as well. I recommend voting carefully, because not all parties ar...
May 6 2010 8:21AM
Goldstone defends himself
Richard Goldstone writes in the Guardian to defend his report into alleged atrocities by both sides in the Gaza conflict. He says that it would have been hypocritical of him to speak out about violations of international law and impuni...