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Place your cross with care

Today you have the chance to place your cross, to vote in the UK's general election.  Some may not bother to vote but I think that it is an important duty and a privilege as well.  I recommend voting carefully, because not all parties are the same. 

I have previously on this blog looked at the support given to Early Day Motions in parliament.  For the motions on human rights issues that I have looked at I find that the three main parties line up like this:  Liberal Democrats very strong, Labour not bad and Conservative very poor (but with an honourable mention for Peter Bottomley).  Amnesty International is "non-political" so will not choose between the parties but as a blogger I give my own opinion and there it is.

Then there is the question of tactical voting and that is a reaction to our present system of first past the post.  I think that tactical voting is a good idea in some constituencies because otherwise your vote could support someone you disagree with fundamentally.  Where I live it is difficult to say which party is the main challenger to the Conservatives but in other places it may be clearer.   

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