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February 2010 (8)
Feb 25 2010 12:41PM
Vulture Funds: Newsnight investigation and debate in parliament

Vulture funds featured in a Newsnight investigation by Greg Palast shown on 25 February 2010. Vulture funds buy up the debt of very poor countries cheaply and then sue for 10 or even 100 times what they paid for it. Greg Palast...

Feb 25 2010 12:04PM
An ambassador who spoke out: Murder in Samarkand

Murder in Samarkand was last Saturday's Afternoon Play on Radio 4. I missed it but for a short time, until the afternoon of 27 Feb. 2010, it can be heard on the internet. David Tennant plays Craig Murray who was the UK's ambassador to...

Feb 21 2010 2:14PM
Daniel Ellsberg, Vietnam War whistle blower

The Most Dangerous Man in America is a film I watched recently on a BBC digital channel, BBC 4. You can still catch it for a little while on the internet. Daniel Ellsberg had access to top secret documents about the Vietnam War and the...

Feb 21 2010 2:09PM
Paul Robeson, singer and activist

On Sunday 21 February 2010 I’m Still the Same Paul was on BBC Radio 3. Music and human rights come together in the person of Paul Robeson, played by Lenny Henry. Robeson was one of the foremost black performers in the world and also...

Feb 21 2010 2:04PM
More slaves than ever before

Joakim points us to "A Crime So Monstrous: Face to Face with Modern Slavery", a book by E Benjamin Skinner. It seems that there are more slaves in the world today then ever before in history.

Feb 21 2010 2:03PM
The General Election coming soon

Who will you vote for in this year's general election? Will your vote go to someone who cares about human rights as much as you do? What do you know about the views of the candidates and of their parties? The election may be less than...

Feb 6 2010 2:08PM
Building for earthquake risk

On Saturday 6 February 2010 Channel 4 at 7:30 pm repeated Haiti's Killer Quake: Why It Happened . Part of the programme showed how to make buildings that cost a little more (maybe 15% more) but are much safer in the event of an...

Feb 4 2010 12:16PM
Global Voices and Google offer award for internet campaigners

Google and Global Voices will give an award for outstanding use of the internet to promote freedom of expression. Winners of the Breaking Borders Award will be announced at the Global Voices Citizen Media Summit in Santiago, Chile, on...