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The General Election coming soon

Who will you vote for in this year's general election?  Will your vote go to someone who cares about human rights as much as you do?  What do you know about the views of the candidates and of their parties?  The election may be less than three months away.  It has to be no later than 3 June and is likely to be early in May when local elections also take place.

Amnesty has a web page on the General Election 2010 and how to use the election for campaigning.   You can find out more and get involved by downloading the Election 2010 pack.

Other organisations are also seeing that this election will bring many new MPs into parliament and it is good to get them thinking and answering questions about Amnesty's work before they get elected.  CAAT, Campaign Against the Arms Trade, is working against the use of public money to promote arms sales and has ideas for how to lobby candidates.

I wrote to my MP recently and I had a reply very promptly although frustratingly he did not agree with me about vulture funds.  With an election looming MPs may be keen to reply promptly if they are seeking re-election.

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