September 2009 (6)
Sep 30 2009 2:22PM
Unreported World goes to the Philippines: Holy Warriors
Philippines: Holy Warriors is about a conflict over land between Christians and Muslims on the island of Mindanao. Already the fighting has claimed 100 000 lives and driven 600 000 people from their homes. It will be shown on Channel 4...
Sep 28 2009 11:02PM
Stories of four refugees on BBC World Service
Four refugees who have fled from danger tell their stories through the objects that they most treasure. This is in Memento, a programme on BBC World Service that will be broadcast several times on Friday 2 October 2009. The BBC gives t...
Sep 22 2009 1:52PM
An inspiring story from Liberia, on More4
Charles Taylor, former president of Liberia in west Africa, is on trial in the Hague accused of war crimes. How was he overthrown? It was largely thanks to the women of Liberia, as shown in True Stories: Pray the Devil Back to Hell , s...
Sep 20 2009 11:49PM
Reporting on the environment can be dangerous
Environment reporters face danger writes Roy Greenslade on his blog on the Guardian website, pointing us to a report from Reporters Without Borders .
Sep 20 2009 11:15PM
Winter peril in Peru and Mongolia
This evening's Channel 4 news had a report on 250 child deaths in Peru because of severe winter weather in the Andes. Experts are blaming climate change as an important factor. Many thousands of miles from Peru the weather in Mongolia...
Sep 16 2009 2:20PM
Amnesty magazine:  Noam Chomsky and Wangari Maathai
I have been reading the latest issue of Amnesty magazine. I was pleased to see an interview with Noam Chomsky, a provocative thinker. This could be a useful introduction to his ideas if you have not met them before. His books tend to b...