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July 2009 (4)
Jul 20 2009 2:09PM
A report from China on the unrest in Tibet in 2008

In May 2009 a group of legal academics in Beijing published a report on the government's handling of the unrest in Tibet in the spring of 2008. What was the Chinese government's response? Did they take the report seriously and look...

Jul 20 2009 1:37PM
Saudi princess given secret asylum

The Independent reports today that a Saudi princess has been given asylum in the UK because she would be in danger of being stoned if she returned to Saudi Arabia. She won her claim to political asylum, telling a judge that in Saudi...

Jul 19 2009 3:24PM
USA should limit civilian casualties, says Admiral

Admiral Michael Mullen, Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has warned that the US should limit civilian casualties to avoid alienating the people of Afghanistan. I admit to being a bit slow noticing the article, dated 19 May 2009 from...

Jul 9 2009 3:50PM
Uighurs not allowed to protest

In the north-west region of Xinjiang the Uighur people are angry that the Chinese authorities did not act to protect migrant Uighur workers in the south-east of China. That seems to have been the spark that ignited the recent protests...