July 2008 (6)
Jul 30 2008 9:24AM
BAE and Serious Fraud Office - the latest

I have the view that the Serious Fraud Office should investigate allegations of serious fraud – the clue to what they should be doing is in the name of the organisation! The government appealed against the legal ruling that the Serious...

Jul 27 2008 11:13PM
Film: Johnny Mad Dog

A film called Johnny Mad Dog is set to create an unusual level of authenticity by using Liberian children who have been soldiers. Update, October 2009: See this review of the film from the Guardian.

Jul 27 2008 10:44PM
Writing letters and more

I went on a walk the other day and was talking to a young woman who has views that should make her an Amnesty supporter. However, she said that she had fallen out with the organisation, partly over the policy on abortion and partly...

Jul 16 2008 11:54PM
Control Arms - re-launched website

Control Arms is a campaign run by organisations including Amnesty International. They have just re-launched the website. One of the ways you can contribute is to ask your MP to sign a declaration of support for an effective arms treaty...

Jul 3 2008 1:41AM
Colombia: Blood on Britain's Hands

Colombia: Blood on Britain's Hands is the title of a recent article on the Upside Down World website by Jeremy Dear. Update, Nov. 2008: Amnesty has a news item on Colombia: One step forward, many to go. Sacking 25 members of the...

Jul 3 2008 1:04AM
Give me hope, Joanna: music against apartheid

I was pleased to see some political singing in the concert to celebrate Nelson Mandela's 90th birthday. Entertainment is fine but why not put a political edge on it as well? Eddy Grant sang his song, Give Me Hope, Joanna, which comes...