Colombia: Blood on Britain's Hands

Colombia: Blood on Britain's Hands is the title of a recent article on the Upside Down World website by Jeremy Dear. 

Update, Nov. 2008:  Amnesty has a news item on Colombia: One step forward, many to go. Sacking 25 members of the military is one step on the way to finding justice for thousands of victims of human rights abuses.  See also this from SOAW (School of the Americas Watch).  SOAW states that at least eleven of the officers had received training at the US Army's School of the Americas.  I have written before on my blog about the shocking story of the School of the Americas

Send a message of support to threatened union leaders in Colombia as part of Amnesty's annual Greetings Card Campaign.

Update, Dec. 2008:  John Pilger has written an article in The Guardian about abuses in various parts of the world where he considers that the UK government is partially to blame.  He condemns UK military aid to Colombia and mentions a recent report by the Justice for Colombia.

Update, May 2009:  See this letter from a group of MPs who visited Colombia.

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