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October 2006 (6)
Oct 29 2006 10:16PM
Shooting at Nangpa la Pass

Video footage from ProTV in Romania shows one of the line of Tibetan refugees falling suddenly to the snow. It was a 17-year old nun and she was killed. There have been rumours of shootings like this before but this is the first time...

Oct 29 2006 8:50AM
Conflict at Spanish enclaves in north Africa

I was sad to hear about conflicts and deaths at the borders of Spanish enclaves in north Africa, especially because I visited one of them, Ceuta, years ago as part of an expedition across Africa. It is right that Amnesty should press...

Oct 27 2006 1:53PM
Strong support from governments for treaty

The motion at the First Committee of the General Assembly of the UN on moving towards an Arms Trade Treaty was co-sponsored by an impressive 116 governments; when it came to a vote on 27 Oct. 2006, 139 countries voted yes, 24 countries...

Oct 22 2006 11:16PM
Which part of the world? Answers on a postcard!

One chapter of the Alternative Human Rights Report describes a case study of what happened when 200 people publicly raised a flag in peaceful protest. Police advanced on the crowd, firing guns and beating demonstrators with batons...

Oct 22 2006 11:00PM
The Alternative Human Rights report came out recently

Six campaigning organisations dealing with human rights in such places as West Papua, Burma, Tibet and the Chagos Islands (in the Indian Ocean) have joined to produce a report on the issues and on the UK government's record of...

Oct 22 2006 9:42PM
The right to life or the right to have a gun

The most fundamental right is of course the right to life; without it all other rights are irrelevant. I once read of a tragic shooting of an innocent person and I cannot remember all the details. I think that it was a British tourist...