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June 2006 (5)
Jun 30 2006 5:14PM
RSS - tapping into sources of news

I found out about RSS feeds on a page of the Amnesty UK website:Home > News & events > Media unit > RSS feeds To quote that page, "RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is an information-sharing tool designed to give you immediate access to...

Jun 24 2006 4:45PM
Political Songs

I heard a song sung by Roy Bailey some years ago and now with the aid of the internet I have found out more about it. The song is called I Ain't Afraid and it was written by Holly Near in 2000. I Ain't Afraid is a song standing up...

Jun 8 2006 2:51PM
Read the censored web sites

I have been clicking the links from irrepressible info to look at some of the web sites that have been censored in certain countries. I found it quite amusing that when I looked at the BBC website it came to the page with a weather...

Jun 8 2006 2:01PM
Two of George Orwell's books

I had to study Orwell's Animal Farm for an English literature exam at school. It can be read on different levels, but has many parallels with the Russian Revolution. With the aid of a study guide we could find out which animals in the...

Jun 8 2006 1:33PM
China - new series on BBC2 television

This series starts soon and although the film-maker had permission from the Minister of Information and had minders from Beijing, it isn't all a rosy picture. China is a new series on BBC2 starting on Tuesday 13 June 2006 at 9 pm. The...