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I found out about RSS feeds on a page of the Amnesty UK website:Home > News & events > Media unit > RSS feeds To quote that page, "RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is an information-sharing tool designed to give you immediate access to new web entries that are of interest". I have thought for a long time that "The News" as presented on television, radio or in print is just a version of the news which has been selected.  How often have you watched "The News" and found out nothing about what you care about, no hint of what you could do to improve some little corner of the world?  I think that RSS may provide an opportunity for anyone who has an internet connection (and does not live under a repressive regime) to get more news tailored to their interests. I am in the early stages of using RSS.   I have installed NewsPoint which is a free news reader from the Guardian.  This program allows me to select from a very large range of sources.  I have chosen some which look relevant to the work of Amnesty, such as: Human Rights Watch, Le Monde diplomatique (English edition), Guardian Unlimited, Christian Science Monitor and OneWorld UK.  I could be in danger of being swamped by masses of news!  With some more experience of using RSS I will probably adapt my list of sources.  So far I have found some interesting stories and it has led me to useful websites. Watch this space and I will say more about how I get on with using RSS.

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