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July 2010 (4)
Jul 30 2010 11:14AM
Russia, pre-crime arrests, new law.

There's a new law to be enacted in Russia that will result in people being arrested before any crime is actually committed. It's akin to the 1992 film Minority Report starring Tom Cruise and has major repercussions for human rights...

Jul 29 2010 11:21AM
Bedouins evicted in the Negev Desert.

I witnessed for myself a Bedouin village being demolished by Israeli police in the Negev Desert in December 2009. Here's a new article by the BBC about 300 people being made homeless this week in similar circumstances. There's a video...

Jul 28 2010 2:17PM
Cameroon, journalist, Help.

Please read and help. Thanks, Charles Atangana is a journalist and asylum seeker from Cameroon who arrived in the UK in May 2004. A professional journalist and an active member of the Cameroon Journalists Trade Union (CJTU/SNJC)...

Jul 18 2010 5:06PM

Here's an article I wrote for Sunday Herald newspaper in Scotland about Mordechai Vanunu which is published today.…...