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February 2012 (4)
Feb 26 2012 9:03PM
Human Rights and the Olympics

Should we be keeping human rights out of sports? No, of course not. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) Olympic charter proclaims the values of fairness in sport and that should apply to the working conditions of people who make...

Feb 23 2012 1:18AM
Workers' rights still under pressure in Turkey

The TUC continues to be deeply concerned about the attacks on workers' rights in Turkey. Free trade unions are being subject to a continuing campaign of intimidation and repression spearheaded by both private sector employers and the...

Feb 5 2012 8:34PM
Iran clamps down on trade unions - again!

Our friends at Human Rights Watch have condemned a new wave of arrests of independent trade unionists in Iran - earlier attacks on free trade unionism have been catalogued on this blog and at Justice for Iranian Workers . They report...

Feb 5 2012 8:25PM
London Olympics: what Dow case says about an ethical Olympics

I've posted on the TUC Touchstone blog about what the Dow Chemicals sponsorship case tells us about ethics and the Olympics. The TUC has registered our opposition to the sponsorship deal with the London Organisating Committee for the...