May 2011 (3)
May 30 2011 10:53PM
Iraq: relocation, relocation, relocation
Jamal Abdul-Jabbar is the President of the Kirkuk Oil and Gas Workers Union in northern Iraq. Recently, he led his members out on strike for safer working conditions, and more rights for contract workers. Now his employers, the state-o...
May 24 2011 1:16PM
Somalia: journalists' union harassed by gunmen
Amid all the fuss in Britain about whether journalists can report on footballers' sex lives, a reminder that in some parts of the world, superinjunctions are the last thing reporters worry about. The head office of the National Union o...
May 2 2011 1:00PM
The unseen revolution in Iran
Behind the war of words over Iran's Islamist regime – repressing democracy, developing nuclear weapons capability, interfering in local countries from the Lebanon to Iraq and the Gulf – there is a secret revolution going on. Independen...