April 2010 (3)
Apr 12 2010 3:01PM
Union getting active? Just 'transfer' the leaders to Siberia
Imagine that no one in your workplace has been paid overtime since 2007, and that all new jobs coming up are being filled by your boss’s family. You present a collective complaint to management. You show up at work the next day to lear...
Apr 4 2010 4:56PM
Sixth teacher trade unionist killed in Colombia in just three months
Teacher trade unionists are being murdered in Colombia – the most dangerous place in the world to be a trade unionist – every fortnight this year. Despite Colombian Government claims that the situation is improving, the latest murder s...
Apr 4 2010 1:23PM
Seher Tumer: in jail in Turkey for speaking up for workers and women
TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber has written to the Turkish Ambassador calling for an urgent appeal hearing for Seher Tümer, a member of the executive board of KESK's Health and Social Service Workers Union (SES) in Ankara. Seher w...