November 2009 (3)
Nov 17 2009 6:49PM
Guatemalan trade unionists face appalling situation
The murder of Victor Galvez at the end of last month was yet another tragic example of the appalling situation facing trade unionists in Guatemala. Sr. Galvez was not just a trade union leader, he was a community leader and a member of...
Nov 13 2009 5:01PM
It's not ok to shoot striking workers in Bangladesh
On 31 October, the Bangladesh Police shot dead three workers from the Nippon Garments Factory in Ershad Nagar in the Tongi Industrial Belt in Bangladesh during a protest over the non-payment of the salaries and other benefits due to th...
Nov 3 2009 10:51PM
Jailed in Iran for being trade unionists
Six Iranian trade unionists representing sugar workers at the Haft Tapeh company have been jailed for their trade union activities. Worldwide food workers' union the IUF say “the regime is clearly determined to crush the union by putti...