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2016 (5)
Oct 14 2016 3:13PM
10 Education resources on FGM

Written by Nora Helal, Education Workshops Volunteer More than 130,000 women and girls living in England and Wales have been cut, and 60,000 girls every year are at risk of female genital mutilation (FGM). Despite being made illegal in...

Oct 14 2016 2:59PM
Education resources on forced marriage

Written by Nora Helal, Education Workshops Volunteer One in three girls are married before the age of 18 in the developing world. In fact, across Burkina Faso, more than half of all young girls are married off as children – some as...

Jul 12 2016 3:51PM
Opposing hate crime in the classroom - whether it’s trending or not

By Laura Newlyn, a volunteer on our Speaker Programme I’m suffering from referendum fatigue. I’m fed-up with the back-and-forth arguments and frustrated by the uncertainty of the future. But mostly I’m saddened by the divisions it has...

Jul 1 2016 2:51PM
Moves Like Malala – Mobilising Youth Activists

Written by Laura Newlyn, Amnesty Speaker Programme Volunteer Just last week, I stood among a thousand others in reverent silence on Trafalgar Square. I listened with heart-wrenching awe as Malala Yousafzai, Generation Z poster-child...

Jun 3 2016 5:38PM
Our tips for teaching human rights law

Getting to grips with understanding human rights law can seem somewhat daunting – well, at first glance, that is. You may be thinking "Where do I start?" We may not even recognise when, where and how our human rights are being...