2015 (3)
Nov 2 2015 4:53PM
Eight educational resources to better understand the refugee crisis

Written by Camille Roch, Human Rights Education Volunteer Blogger The world refugee crisis has led civil society to mobilise, and initiatives calling for greater support to refugees have multiplied across countries. But at the same...

Jun 23 2015 4:11PM
Amnesty Youth Awards: Creativity in the fight for human rights

Written by Dana Anderson, Youth Awards Communications Volunteer A young girl stands tall on the stage and takes a deep breath. Fully covered in a black and blue niqab, she stands out from the crowd of other young people who fill the...

Feb 2 2015 12:57PM
Celebrating diversity: LGBT History Month

LGBT, LGBTI, LGBTIQ, LGBTIQQ. Admittedly I find the variations confusing. I stumble over which and what I am supposed to use where and when. Ultimately, however, this isn’t about an acronym. It’s about standing together to celebrate...