June 2013 (5)
Jun 27 2013 1:30PM
Capital punishment: dying out but still killing
It’s a loose comparison, but sometimes I think that people who get executed these days are like those killed right at the end of a war. Another day, another month … and they might survived. I say this because when you look at the figur...
Jun 18 2013 5:24PM
Why Spain must investigate Franco-era crimes
In the tourist office in Madrid’s elegant Plaza Mayor last summer I asked what there was to see that had anything to do with the civil war. The woman behind the counter told me: “No hay casi nada. Es un tema cerrado” (“There’s hardly a...
Jun 12 2013 1:35PM
Not normal: invisible detainees and compliant restraint
It’s not at all my favourite type of book or film, but those who like the espionage genre (Fleming, Le Carré, Deighton, Clancy et al) might quite enjoy reading passages like this: “We got a call from the Border Guard headquarters in Wa...
Jun 12 2013 11:21AM
The Media Awards - read, watch and listen to the winners
Our annual awards for the best in human rights journalism across the UK saw a huge number of entries across 11 categories. Here's the awards as they were announced on Storify. [ View the story "The Amnesty Media Awards" on Storify ]
Jun 11 2013 1:27PM
Confessions of a not-so-live live-tweeter
These are the confessions of a live tweeter who ... is not tweeting live. There, I’ve said it. This evening I’m due to attend a big event from which I’m supposed to tweet events as they happen. And so I will. Except the content of the...