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August 2008 (19)
Aug 29 2008 5:17PM
Anarchy in Havana

Words (almost) fail me. Cuba’s detained a singer from a rock band and is reportedly set to charge him with the super-vague offence of “social dangerousness” or “subverting communist morality”. Ok, it might seem ludicrous (it is), but...

Aug 28 2008 3:11PM
Education, education, education

It’s a case of education, education, education today.No doubt thousands of students across England and Wales will be dreading the start of the new academic year next week. However, pity the situation of 400 Palestinians who don’t even...

Aug 27 2008 3:33PM
The triple whammy of Burma, Pakistan and Zimbabwe

Over the last 12 months, three countries have consistently kept us busy here in the Amnesty press office: Pakistan, Burma and Zimbabwe. And all three are in the news again today – and none of it is particularly positive.In Pakistan...

Aug 26 2008 3:28PM
I see one swimmer, seven arrows and no human rights reforms

I spotted Michael Phelps, eight-time gold-medallist in Beijing, while I was walking round Hampstead Heath with my parents yesterday. He was having some pictures taken on a diving board by one of the ponds and we all got quite excited...

Aug 22 2008 2:20PM
What chance a fair trial for Binyam?

Amid the scandalous amount of coverage of stories such as the Italian snails taking up residence at Profumo’s old haunt of Cliveden there seemed to be little space on the TV news yesterday evening for the High Court’s ruling on the...

Aug 21 2008 5:02PM
news from north of the border

It’s on days like this when us London-based folk take our hats off to our colleagues north of the border: if ever there were a group of people who knew how to multi-task, it’s Amnesty’s Scotland office. While maintaining Amnesty’s high...

Aug 20 2008 5:44PM
Another child offender executed in Iran

Sadly Iran seems to be getting rather a lot of attention from Amnesty at the moment. I’ve lost count of the number of Urgent Actions we’ve issued recently on the country, asking our members to write letters to stop executions or demand...

Aug 19 2008 2:27PM
Terror and turmoil: whats going to happen in Pakistan?

This morning's news that there’s been a bomb attack on a hospital in Pakistan is chilling. Coming so soon after Pervez Musharraf’s resignation yesterday, you really get a feeling of a country “in turmoil” (to use the pundit-friendly...

Aug 18 2008 4:14PM
What it's like to be locked up as a 'terror suspect'

There’s an amazing article from Hicham Yezza on the Guardian’s CiF site today. He’s the young man from Nottingham University who was arrested and held for six days without charge on suspicion of the "instigation, preparation and...

Aug 15 2008 3:39PM
Proud of protests

Another day and another Briton is arrested in Beijing for mounting a pro-Tibet demonstration. Philip Kirk, along with Australian-Canadian Nicole Rycroft, scaled a hoarding outside the China Central Television building. Worringly, this...

Aug 14 2008 4:05PM
'a new declaration of war' - in Darfur

It seems as if no amount of high-level international pressure from celebrities or state leaders, mass demonstrations in the world’s capitals or even a petition for an international arrest warrant will stop the Sudanese government’s...

Aug 13 2008 6:44PM
The blame game

That old horse chestnut has cropped up again: you know the one – ‘isn’t the woman partly to blame for being raped if she’s drunk?’ The topic was kick-started yesterday after authorities overturned the decision to reduce the amount of...

Aug 12 2008 6:25PM
Whats happening in China, then?

The Games seem to be going pretty well in Beijing, overshadowed of course by the shocking events in Georgia. If reports are true and Russia has now ordered an end to the conflict, hopefully people there can start repairing their lives...

Aug 11 2008 12:57PM
Georgia and Russia: dance of death

The disturbing and immensely depressing events in Georgia/South Ossetia/Abkhazia have, of course, dominated the news for the entire weekend. Google News this morning shows 11,111 news items and counting, and even the Beijing Olympics...

Aug 8 2008 1:33PM
Let the Games commence

After years of waiting (and campaigning) it all kicks off in China in a couple of hours. If you watch or listen to the BBC, you’d think that nothing else was happening in the world but the Beijing Olympics – I think BBC journalists who...

Aug 7 2008 5:20PM
The Hamdan case: driving a coach a horses through justice

Like a certain pair of British protestors highlighting Tibet and human rights in Beijing yesterday, George Bush’s recent remarks about China and human rights were well-timed. A “blunt condemnation” according to the Times, and there’s...

Aug 6 2008 1:10PM
Stunning figures

The Home Office released its latest figures on the amount of times police officers have used or drawn the Taser over the past 12 months yesterday. This came as no surprise because there are now not only more officers carrying this...

Aug 4 2008 5:32PM
A zek's life: Solzhenitsyn's death

Too late for the UK papers, Alexandr Solzhenitsyn’s death last night is, as you might expect, featuring heavily in online and broadcast coverage today (and Global Voices has some blog reaction). For anyone who cares about literature...

Aug 1 2008 1:47PM
Sending in Big John

OK so it’s like that is it!The Chinese authorities may have relented and unblocked our website, but as an organisation we have been banned from China for years, and frankly anyone brave enough to speak out about human rights in the...