Amnesty Bookshops

Amnesty has a small of chain of bookshops around the country that sell secondhand books to raise money for Amnesty’s work campaigning for human rights. All of the bookshops are staffed by volunteers and sell books and other items that have been donated by the local community. If you have any questions about our shops, email us at

Find your nearest Amnesty bookshop below: 

Make a donation

The best way to donate books to Amnesty is to get in touch with your local bookshop from the list above. 
Our bookshops rely on donations from their local community to fill their shelves. If you give your books to us we will do our best to turn them into money for our human rights work.
Although our bookshops mostly sell books we do also accept donations of CDs, DVDs and vinyl records. We always take the time to make the most of our donations so if you’ve got something unusual that you think we can make money from please email

Volunteer with Books for Amnesty

Volunteering in our bookshops is a great way to support Amnesty and be involved in the exciting work that our bookshops do. Volunteering in our bookshops can involve serving customers, sorting donations of books, writing social media posts, creating displays, collecting donations or organising events.

Volunteering can be a fun way to gain new skills, meet people or just spend time with thousands of books! We offer full training, all you need is enthusiasm and commitment.

To apply to volunteer in an Amnesty bookshop just fill out the form below and send it to your local bookshop.
If you have any questions about volunteering in our bookshops email us at

Bookshop volunteer role outline
Volunteer application form