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What is The Overseas Operations Bill?

The Overseas Operations Bill is an attempt to put the military above the law.

It will effectively introduce a statute of limitations on war crimes committed by British soldiers overseas. This means that it'll make it almost impossible to prosecute soldiers for war crimes or acts of torture committed more than five years ago. 

It could mean the UK lets war criminals and torturers off the hook.

But torture is still torture — even if it took place five years ago. 

A breach of international human rights law

If this Bill passes, it would be a blatant breach of international human rights law.

Furthermore, this Bill is also an insult to those values the Armed Forces uphold — day in, day out — even in the face of severe challenges. It focuses on protecting those that commit abuses, rather than on holding them to account in the right way.

Torture has no place in our society. War crimes have no place in our society.

Email The Rt Hon Ben Wallace MP, the UK Secretary of State for Defence, and demand the government must NOT decriminalise war crimes and torture.