The situation

Millions of people in Hong Kong have been protesting new laws, that would have essentially allowed China to extradite people for political reasons.

The Bill has now been withdrawn but the people of Hong Kong want guarantees that it won’t return.

Crowds chant “Resist Beijing, liberate Hong Kong” as they’re met with dreadful police violence that continues to go unpunished.

Documented violence

Peaceful protesters have been attacked with tear gas, batons and other weapons used by police – documented in a recent investigation by Amnesty researchers.

Police have also stood by as counter protesters launched violent attacks.

Peaceful protesters are being arrested and prosecuted on vague charges, and those brought into custody are being beaten by guards.

This approach to policing in Hong Kong violates international human rights laws and standards.

What happens next?

The situation in Hong Kong is still incredibly tense.

We’re monitoring the situation and need your help to hold the Hong Kong and Chinese authorities to account.

Please email Carrie Lam now demanding that the rights of Hong Kong citizens are protected.