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Colombia: Protect Environmental Defenders At Risk

Map of Colombia
days left to take action

Amnesty International considers that the Colombian state is not fully committed to protect Territory, Land and Environmental Defenders. In 2020, Amnesty International denounced that regardless of the extensive legislation on HRDs in the country, the State has done very little to offer comprehensive protection for TLERDs in the country, which is considered the deadliest for Global Witness and Frontline Defenders. 

In April 2021, Amnesty International launched an UA for CREDHOS, an environmental organization working in the Magdalena Medio region and faced similar risks than FEDESPAN. The State took the measures we requested in the UA.  

CREDHOS released a national urgent action on the FEDESPAN situation. 

FEDESPAN released a press release on the May 31st incident.  

Download full UA in Word
Download full UA in PDF