Indigenous community attacked

Coloradas de la Virgen
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The indigenous community ASEINPOME is an ancestral territory inhabited by the indigenous community of the Sikuani - Kubeo ethnic group. In the second semester of 2015, after multiple cycles of forced displacement, spoliation of their culture and threats to their lives, the community decided to return to their ancestral territory in the El Porvenir district, Municipality of Puerto Gaitán, meta region. Since their return they have received threats and have been victims of violence.

In the last two weeks three men on two motorcycles have been prowling around the premises, and on 12 April the community noticed two armed individuals who were present for half an hour near the settlement, on the road that leads to the El Porvenir path.

In 2019, the Ministry of the Interior did not certify the presence of Indigenous Peoples in that territory and approved a project of a foreign multinational for oil extraction in the settlement area. In the same year, the community received intimidating and extortion calls and has faced racist accusations. In addition, in February 2019, a community member was approached by an armed individual who threatened them and stated that he would come back to displace the community.

These situations were reported to the National Police, but to date no investigation has been started and the security forces have not been present on the local. The Office of the Prosecutor has been informed of the complaints, however since July 2019 the community has not received any further information from the Prosecutor and their requests have not been answered.

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