A cut out image of Dorgelesse standing and smiling at the camera is to the left. A cut out image of Chow wearin a face mask is to the right. Both are against a plain blue background with with texture across it. Black text in yellow highlight with reads: Thank you for acting.

Thank you to the nearly 30,000 of you who joined our campaigning to call for the release of Chow and Dorgelesse - two people who are unjustly imprisoned for exercising their right to protest.


Chow was imprisoned in Hong Kong for holding a vigil to remember victims of the Tiananmen Square crackdown.

Her arrest came as the notorious & dangerous National Security Law was forced through, which restricted freedoms in Hong Kong and tightened China's grip over the country.

Chow had positive news that the appeal against one of her charges was successful, however she remains imprisoned on another charge.

18,000 of you demanded her freedom and we recently sent these demands to the Hong Kong Authorities.


Dorgelesse was arrested after attending her first ever protest in Cameroon. As the only earner in her family, she began to notice that daily life was getting harder and used her freedom of expression to demand a better working life

Cameroon’s High Commissioner to the UK promised to meet with us about her case, but 6 months on, we hadn’t heard from him. So we took Dorgelesse’s dream of opening a nail salon right to the High Commissioner by setting up a pop-up nail salon outside the Cameroon Embassy in London. Lots of people joined to hear all about Dorgelesse and eventually the High Commissioner came out & spoke to us about her case.

Dorgelesse is appealing her conviction, and we hope the pressure on the High Commissioner helps.