Northern Ireland: levels of racism ‘should shock us to our core’, says Amnesty

Would you accept a Muslim as a relative by marriage?
Would you accept a Muslim as a relative by marriage? © Northern Ireland Life and Times Survey 2017
New figures on public attitudes reveal extent of racial prejudice in Northern Ireland ‘This scale of racial prejudice in 2018 should shock us to our core’ - Patrick Corrigan Northern Ireland has a huge problem with racism, Amnesty International said today, following the publication of new figures showing high levels of intolerance towards people from minority ethnic communities. Amnesty is calling for a more robust government response to tackling racial prejudice in Northern Ireland, including an independent review of the region’s equality and hate crime laws. Figures from the Northern Ireland

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Abortion: Theresa May must deliver on her words

Responding to comments made by Prime Minister Theresa May on abortion legislation in the UK late last night, Grainne Teggart, Northern Ireland Campaigns Manager for Amnesty International UK, said: "It is clear and welcome that Theresa May’s language is softening on Westminster intervening to enable abortion rights for women in Northern Ireland. It is right that this happens, inaction is no longer an option. “The Supreme Court has made clear that the current law needs radical reconsideration. Cross party support for change is also growing significantly, including amongst key figures in the Cons

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Supreme Court judges find Northern Ireland abortion law in breach of human rights

Time to repeal articles 58 & 59
The UK Supreme Court’s ruling that Northern Ireland’s abortion law is a violation of women’s human rights must force the UK Government to urgently legislate for change, Amnesty International said today. The Supreme Court today delivered its judgment on a 2017 hearing considering whether Northern Ireland’s near total abortion ban violates women’s rights. The majority of judges ruled that the country’s abortion law breaches Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR), by not allowing abortions in cases of sexual crime (rape and incest) and fatal foetal abnormalities. The Supreme

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UK: Emergency debate on abortion reform shows 'time is running out' for Theresa May

In response to news that an emergency three-hour debate on decriminalisation of abortion law will be held in UK Parliament tomorrow (5 June), Grainne Teggart, Amnesty UK’s Northern Ireland Campaign’s manager, said: “There is now significant cross-party pressure on the UK Government to be on the right side of history and reform our archaic and discriminatory abortion law. “We urge as many MPs as possible to prioritise this crucial debate, show their support for women and girls , and commit to the decriminalisation of abortion. “Time is running out for Theresa May, who cannot continue to be inac

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Northern Ireland: thousands to march to demand marriage equality

UK Government must end denial of rights in Northern Ireland “The rights to abortion and equal marriage should not rely on postcodes” - Patrick Corrigan Mass rally will be led by Belfast Lord Mayor and speakers will include Conor McGinn MP, Repeal The 8th campaign leader Ailbhe Smyth and actor Bronagh Waugh Thousands of people are expected to take to the streets of Belfast this Saturday (2 June) to call on the Prime Minister Theresa May to legislate for marriage equality in Northern Ireland. The march – led by the Love Equality campaign – will take place across central Belfast and will be led b

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UK Supreme Court abortion ruling a 'unique chance' for women of Northern Ireland

“If the Court rules that Northern Ireland’s abortion ban breaches women’s rights, there will be no excuses left for Theresa May” – Grainne Teggart The UK’s Supreme Court has today (31 May) announced that it will deliver its ruling on a case which challenges Northern Ireland’s extremely restrictive abortion laws next Thursday (7 June). Amnesty has intervened in the case, providing evidence that the near total ban on abortion in Northern Ireland violates women's human rights. Grainne Teggart, Northern Ireland Campaigns Manager for Amnesty and Sarah Ewart , a woman who was forced to travel to the

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Ireland: abortion referendum is historic opportunity to vote for equality and end the 'exile of women'

Chance to repeal the Eighth Amendment in Ireland and end women’s suffering “must not be missed” Northern Ireland also subject to restrictive abortion laws – Amnesty calls on UK government to ensure that “no woman on the island of Ireland is left behind” On Friday (25 May), Ireland will have a once in a generation opportunity to right a historic wrong and give Irish women the right to decide what happens to their bodies, Amnesty International said today ahead of this week’s referendum on abortion. The long fought-for referendum will give Irish people a chance to vote to remove a constitutional

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Northern Ireland: Amnesty gives cautious welcome to consultation on legacy

Amnesty International has today given a cautious welcome to the Northern Ireland Office’s publication of a consultation on addressing the legacy of Northern Ireland’s past. The proposals mirror that of the Stormont House Agreement in 2014 which laid out some agreed structures for the establishment of truth, justice and reconciliation mechanisms. However, the Agreement had a number of flaws which needed to be addressed, including failing to account for the rights of those tortured and injured during the conflict. Today’s consultation document repeats that failing and contains other glaring gaps

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Amnesty welcomes Belfast Council motion on social media

Recent Amnesty International research finds that ‘toxic’ Twitter and other social media is failing women by letting online abuse thrive “ We cannot let the trolls win by silencing women and driving their voices out of public conversations” – Grainne Teggart Belfast City Council will tonight debate a motion brought forward by Councillor Sian O’Neill and seconded by Councillor Kate Nicholl on social media misogyny and bullying. The council motion calls on Twitter and other social mediums to address the failure of their companies to meet their responsibilities regarding the threats of violence an

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The Hooded Men: torture, lies and a quest for justice

Ten of the 'Hooded Men'
Ten of the 'Hooded Men' © Amnesty International

Who are the ‘Hooded Men’?

During the Troubles in Northern Ireland, the UK government arrested hundreds of men as part of “Operation Demetrius” in the summer of 1971.

342 people were interned (imprisoned without trial) as part of the Operation.

14 men were chosen for 'special treatment' and were taken to a secret interrogation centre. The men were forced to wear hoods and thrown to the ground from low-flying helicopters while hooded. These 14 men became commonly known as the 'Hooded Men'.

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