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Syria: The siege of Eastern Ghouta

A Syrian boy holds an oxygen mask over the face of an infant at a make-shift hospital following a reported gas attack on the rebel-held besieged town of Douma in the eastern Ghouta region, 22 January 2018.
A Syrian boy holds an oxygen mask over the face of an infant at a make-shift hospital following a reported gas attack on the rebel-held besieged town of Douma in the eastern Ghouta region, 22 January 2018. © HASAN MOHAMED/AFP/Getty Images

Early in 2017, the Syrian government captured areas bordering the Harasta neighbourhood of Eastern Ghouta. They closed all smuggling tunnels that for years had guaranteed a small flow of food, water, and medical supplies.

By the October, Assad’s forces had further tightened the siege by closing the last remaining entry point to nearby Douma, blocking access to medical and humanitarian aid, and stopping people from coming or going.

Syria: 'outrageous' attack on civilians in Idlib province condemned

At least 44 people - including children - killed in suspected Russian airstrike on town of Zardana Victims were breaking the Ramadan fast and hit in what was reportedly a notorious ‘double-tap’ strike Responding to reports that Russian aircraft carried out an attack in Idlib province last night killing at least 44 people, Lynn Maalouf, Amnesty International’s Middle East Research Director, said: “This outrageous attack, the deadliest in Idlib so far this year, targeted the village of Zardana overnight while people were breaking the Ramadan fast. “Among those killed were at least six children,

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Syria: US-led Coalition's aerial attacks in Raqqa killed hundreds of civilians - new report

The devastation in the city is as bad as any Amnesty has seen in decades of covering conflicts around the world © Amnesty International
First-hand investigations in the destroyed city reveal extent of civilian casualties, as Coalition’s ‘war of annihilation’ decimated extended families and neighbourhoods ‘On the ground in Raqqa we witnessed a level of destruction comparable to anything we’ve seen in decades of covering the impact of wars’ - Donatella Rovera City was blitzed but ISIS fighters were allowed safe passage out of Raqqa in deal with Coalition and Kurdish forces UK carried out 215 airstrikes but claims it killed no civilians ‘The UK needs to come clean over its role in this carnage’ - Kate Allen US-led Coalition force

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Paul Mason in conversation with Syria authors Molly Crabapple and Marwan Hisham - London event

One of the book's illustration © Molly Crabapple
Co-authors of ‘Brothers of the Gun: A Memoir of the Syrian War’ will discuss new book LONDON, TUESDAY 29 MAY 2018 Amnesty International UK is hosting an event on Tuesday 29 May with Molly Crabapple and Marwan Hisham - co-authors of a major new book on Syria, Brothers of the Gun: A Memoir of the Syrian War . Brothers of the Gun is Hisham’s first-hand account of how three young Syrian friends - Hisham himself, plus fellow college students Nael and Tareq - exhilaratedly joined some of Syria’s earliest pro-democracy protests in 2011, before being swept up by the repression and years of conflict th

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May 11 2018 4:10PM
We're swimming for refugees – Will you join us?
Thousands of persecuted people travel each year on treacherous journeys towards safety. Together, the Croydon Group will swim the distance from Turkey to Lesbos (1,152 lengths) to raise money for Amnesty International.

Swim for Refugees

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Saturday 21 July 2018

Trinity Sports Club

Shirley Park



11:00 - 13:00
Free to attend but as give as much as you can raise!
Rachel Lindley
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Syria: UN urged to set up investigation team after OPCW blocked on Douma

Still from an activist video apparently showing a gas cylinder at the scene of the Douma attack © Via
‘While the OPCW’s work is imperative in establishing whether a chemical attack took place in Douma, that is not sufficient to ensure accountability for victims and prevent repetition of such crimes’ - Sherine Tadros Responding to news that inspectors from the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) have still not been granted access by the Syrian authorities to the site in Douma where 75 people were killed following a suspected chemical weapons attack by government forces on 7 April, Sherine Tadros, Head of Amnesty International’s UN Office in New York, said: “The OPCW team

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Syria: Strikes must not result in further civilian casualties

Responding to reports that the United States, the United Kingdom and France have launched a strike against targets in Syria, Raed Jarrar, advocacy director for Middle East at Amnesty International USA, said: “The people of Syria have already endured six years of devastating attacks, including chemical attacks, many of which amount to war crimes. All precautions must be taken to minimise harm to civilians in any military action. “People already living in fear of losing their lives in unlawful attacks must not be further punished for the alleged violations of the Syrian government. “Millions hav

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Apr 14 2018 10:00AM
Syria military intervention: 6 key points to help protect civilians
Several governments have begun military action against Syria. Whatever happens, they must protect civilian life.
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