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Tajikistan (11)
Aug 28 2018 2:48pm
Urgent Action good news: Tajikistani prisoner of conscience released
On 22 August, independent journalist and prisoner of conscience Khairu...
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    Petition to end the use of torture in Tajikistan
    In Tajikistan the police and security forces frequently resort to tort...
    Jul 17 2013 11:37am
    Central Asia Exhibition at Hillhead Library, 15th-28th July
    We currently have an EXHIBITION AT HILLHEAD LIBRARY (until 28th July),...
    Jul 3 2013 12:30pm
    Trapped in the zone: Edward Snowden shouldn’t take everything Putin says at face value
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    Jul 12 2012 12:00am
    Tajikistan: Torture is 'routine', shows new Amnesty report
    ‘The police told me “If we kill you we’ll chuck your body in the canal...