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Swaziland (14)
Jul 2 2021 10:07pm
Eswatini: authorities have launched 'full-frontal assault' on human rights
Dozens killed, more than 150 hospitalised, and hundreds detained La...
Jul 13 2015 5:46pm
I'm dreaming: how I felt when my husband came home
Bheki Makhubu, a Swaziland editor and prisoner of conscience, was free...
Jun 29 2013 2:32pm
Swaziland: PM boasts about breaching human rights
Opponents of dictatorships often assume they're being monitored by the...
Feb 17 2013 9:16am
Say a prayer for freedom in Swaziland
Freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and freedom of religion were al...
May 12 2012 12:44pm
Arrested for sporting a union logo: Swaziland
A schoolteacher in Swaziland waiting for a bus was arrested last week ...
Nov 1 2011 4:53am
Swaziland: police stop people praying for democracy
The Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting decision at the weekend n...
Sep 6 2011 9:37am
Swaziland: where independence doesn't mean freedom
Today (6 September) is Independence Day in Swaziland, but for the ordi...
Apr 26 2011 9:46am
Protest at human rights abuses in Swaziland: the King is coming to the wedding
King Mswati III of Swaziland is the last feudal monarch of an African ...