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Right to Health (41)
Oct 26 2021 4:11pm
Covid-19: G20 leaders must 'put aside greed and selfishness' to end vaccine inequality
Since the first vaccine was administered, the death toll has risen fro...
Oct 1 2021 10:53am
Covid-19: One year since call for vaccine tech to be shared
On 2 October 2020 South Africa and India called for life-saving vaccin...
Sep 21 2021 10:11pm
Covid-19: Big Pharma fuelling unprecedented human rights crisis - New Report
AstraZeneca, BioNTech, Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, Novavax and Pfizer ...
Sep 14 2021 12:59pm
UK: Government must end Covid vaccine hoarding as booster programme announced
The UK has ordered enough doses to vaccinate its whole population thre...
Aug 31 2021 11:39am
Urgent Action Outcome: Human rights defender released
On 17 July, the Egyptian authorities provisionally released journalist...
Jun 17 2021 12:22pm
Belarus: medics paying 'heavy-price' in Lukashenko's crackdown - new briefing
Health professionals at centre of human rights crisis in Belarus Do...
Apr 23 2021 1:40pm
Northern Ireland: women blocked from care as Western Trust ceases early medical abortion service
Health trust to cease taking referrals for early medical abortion serv...
Mar 19 2021 10:56am
Northern Ireland: Amnesty welcomes Westminster action on abortion services
Responding to reports that the Northern Ireland Office is to make regu...
Jan 29 2021 3:13pm
Northern Ireland: Early abortion services to be reinstated from Monday
Amnesty welcomes South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust’s return t...
Oct 26 2020 4:23pm
Urgent Action outcome: Azimjan Azkarov died in prison
Azimjan Askarov, a human rights defender and an artist, died on 25 Jul...