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Latvia (11)
Oct 12 2022 11:01pm
Latvia: 'Cruel ultimatum' and brutal force used to push back refugees at the border - new report
Refugees and migrants arbitrarily detained in the Latvian forest, tort...
Dec 1 2021 3:32pm
EU: New asylum proposals threaten to ‘throw out the rule book’ on human rights
European Commission proposals would allow some countries to hold asylu...
Nov 13 2017 9:43pm
Pride at risk in Europe - An evening with Ferran Nogueroles
The focus of our September Croydon Amnesty meeting was LGBT rights in ...
Jun 25 2015 5:49pm
Progress to take Pride in
I and other Amnesty activists have just come back from the Latvian cap...
Jun 9 2015 10:09am
Europride 2015. Changing history is hot!
This blog is by LGBTI Network member Ferran Nogueroles Later th...
May 15 2015 1:14pm
5 brave ways activists are fighting for LGBTI rights worldwide
Around the world, people face violent attacks and threats simply becau...
Jul 26 2013 10:56am
Marching with Pride in Lithuania
Prides differ a lot across the world, as they have over time. The marc...
Jun 3 2012 12:00am
Latvia: Successful Riga Pride parade despite heavy protests
With the number of police officers in the street almost outnumbering t...
May 29 2012 4:09pm
Why I keep organising Baltic Pride
Guest post by Kristine Garina, Chairperson of Latvian LGBT rights orga...
May 21 2012 2:34pm
Some people are gay: some Latvians can't get over it
I’ve never, ever felt afraid or hated because of who I am. I’ve lived ...