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Ethiopia (73)
Mar 25 2022 4:16pm
Ethiopia: humanitarian truce in Tigray a 'positive step' and must lead to aid access
In response to the humanitarian truce announced by the Ethiopian Feder...
Feb 16 2022 12:01am
Ethiopia: Tigrayan forces went on killing, raping and looting spree in Amhara towns - new evidence
Numerous eyewitness accounts of civilian killings, gang-rapes and loot...
Dec 16 2021 11:47am
Ethiopia: new wave of atrocities in Western Tigray
Amhara security forces are responsible for a surge of mass detentions,...
Nov 12 2021 4:46pm
Ethiopia: Tigrayans targeted in fresh wave of ethnically motivated detentions in Addis Ababa
Arrests have intensified since government declared a state of emergenc...
Nov 10 2021 8:35am
Ethiopia: survivors of TPLF attack in Amhara describe gang rape, looting and physical assaults
Women raped at gunpoint, robbed and assaulted Lack of medical care ...
Nov 5 2021 12:35pm
Ethiopia: Country on brink of catastrophe as Tigray conflict escalates
Several regions have asked civilians to take up arms Alarming rise...
Aug 11 2021 7:16am
Ethiopia: Troops and militia rape, mutilate and abduct women and girls in Tigray conflict - New Report
Forces aligned to Ethiopian government subjected hundreds of women and...
Jul 16 2021 11:31am
Ethiopia: Authorities must release Tigrayans, activists and journalists - and reveal whereabouts of unaccounted detainees
Arrests seem ethnically motivated and while some people released on ba...
Apr 14 2021 6:37pm
Ethiopia: Eritrean troops kills more civilians in Tigray - eyewitness evidence
Eritrean forces opened fire on civilians in town of Adwa, killing thre...
Feb 25 2021 12:57pm
Ethiopia: Eritrean troops massacred hundreds of Tigray civilians - new evidence
Survivors of mass killing in town of Axum describe extrajudicial execu...