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Bolivia (8)
Aug 8 2023 11:41am
Urgent Action Outcome: Human Rights Defender Ends 52 Day Vigil After Invaders Vacate Occupied NGO Office
After 52 days of vigil, 12 of which the 84-year-old human rights defen...
Jan 21 2022 2:23pm
UK: Government and Britishvolt must be 'transparent and honest' about environmental and human rights risks of sourcing metals
Responding to news that the UK government will be investing £100m in B...
Oct 30 2019 11:05am
Urgent Action: Researches at risk for denouncing fraud
On 24 October Edgar Villegas, a systems engineer and analyst, denounce...
Oct 22 2019 9:14pm
Bolivia: Authorities must respect the right to peaceful protest
Responding to the Bolivian authorities’ repressive reaction to demonst...
Mar 29 2019 12:17pm
Urgent Action: Venezuelan refugees persecuted and deported
On 17 March, police and immigration officers arbitrarily detained 14 V...
Aug 29 2014 4:39pm
Bolivia's search for truth, justice and reparation
For over 150 years between its independence from Spain and the mid-198...