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Mar 26 2019 11:35am
Urgent Action: Protect rights of juvenile prisoners
Emil Astrauko and Vasily Sauchanka are held in a juvenile prison in Be...
    Dec 18 2018 12:45pm
    Urgent Action update: Two prisoners at risk of imminent execution
    There is grave concern that the only two known prisoners on death row ...
      Dec 18 2018 11:51am
      Urgent Action update: Two more prisoners executed in Belarus
      Belarusian prisoners, Ihar Hershankou and Siamion Berazhnoy have been ...
        Oct 9 2018 11:59pm
        World Day Against Death Penalty: powerful video shows horror for families
        To coincide with World Day Against the Death Penalty today, Amnesty ha...
          Oct 9 2018 1:53pm
          Death penalty cruelty - a stain on governments
          Prisoners under sentence of death around the world are often subjected...
          Jan 18 2018 5:11pm
          Group's Anniversary meal
          We enjoyed a splendid Italian meal at Polignano's in Baddow Road on Tu...