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Dec 11 2013 2:45am
Panorama response from Kate Allen
Panorama asked some searching questions of Amnesty International, as w...
    Dec 9 2013 2:13pm
    Open Information Policy
      Dec 6 2013 10:32am
      Film at the Arts Centre
      On Thursday 5 December the Arts Centre showed the award winning film &...
      Nov 30 2013 12:55pm
      Why we are effective
      1. We're independent Amnesty International is completely independen...
        Nov 26 2013 3:09pm
        Letter received from Reggie Clemons!
        It is rare that we get a response from our letter writing and campaign...
        Nov 18 2013 10:17pm
        Death penalty signing
        On an extremely cold day in the market place in Salisbury on 19 Novemb...
        Nov 5 2013 9:47am
        Groups News - November 2013
        Groups News is the newsletter for local, student and youth groups. ...