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We welcome support towards our core costs, which allows us to direct our funds where they are most needed.  We also offer you the opportunity to directly fund projects which match your own interests. Either way you make an extraordinary difference to the lives of individuals, groups and communities at risk of severe human rights violations.

From funding training for Women’s Rights Activists in Afghanistan to protecting election observers in Zimbabwe - we’ll work with you to find the right project for you to fund, and we’ll report back on what we’ve been able to achieve thanks to your support. 

You’ll have a dedicated staff member to answer any questions, to keep you updated and to connect you with our expert campaign and research teams.

Our work covers 150 countries around the world and a wide range of human rights issues so, if there is another area of our work that you are interested in supporting, please phone us on 020 7033 1768 or email

Our Priorities

Women’s Rights in Afghanistan

'I get harassed by police officers, judges and families of the victims...I do this work because what we do is very important. We protect victims of violence from being abused again.'
Noor Marjan, Director of the Afghan Women's Skills Development Centre, March 2010

Afghanistan is the most dangerous place to be a woman. Women and girls in the country face discrimination and inequality, high rates of maternal mortality, low literacy rates, and high levels of domestic and sexual violence.

Since the fall of the Taliban, fragile but significant progress has been made. But as international troops prepare to leave Afghanistan there’s a real danger that women’s rights will be traded away. 

What your support could achieve: Your gift could help fund a training workshop for women’s rights activists from across Afghanistan, equipping them with the specialist skills and knowledge they need to identify and document human rights abuses in their communities.

Find out more about our work with women in Afghanistan

Building a better future for human rights across the Middle East and North Africa

2011 was a year without precedent for people in the Middle East and North Africa. It was a year in which millions flooded onto the streets to demand change. 

But the struggle for human rights is ongoing, and we continue to campaign alongside those peacefully standing up for freedom.

This work is an urgent priority. But we need financial support to keep up the momentum and protect innocent civilians on the ground.

What your support could achieve:  Your gift can help us keep vital research teams on the ground, documenting the changing situation as it happens and gathering evidence of human rights abuses. 

Read more about our work in the Middle East and North Africa

Growing our human rights activism across the Global South

Over the next five years we are planning significant growth across the Global South. Brazil and India are two of our focus countries and last year, we set up the new offices in both countries.

Having a permanent presence in Brazil and India helps us deliver projects that empower, inspire and mobilise local people to campaign for positive change in their own human rights situations.  It also increases our ability to influence the Brazilian and Indian governments’ contribution to international human rights policy.

What your gift could achieve: Your support will be crucial in building the operations in the first few years of Amnesty India and Amnesty Brazil. This is an exciting time to support growing human rights work that will change the landscape in these countries and have lasting impact. 

Read more about Amnesty India, and our work in the global south

Protecting Individuals at Risk

'I believe that the phone calls to the police in Zimbabwe during my arrest saved me from torture and rape.'
Jenni Williams, WOZA

Amnesty began with the very simple idea that one person could make a difference. Over 50 years later, protecting individuals at risk of human rights abuse remains at the heart of our work

Through our Urgent Action Network, we are able to mobilise a powerful network of over 100,000 activists in the UK to take action on behalf of people at risk and remove them from danger. 

Many of those at risk are human rights defenders themselves. 

What your gift can achieve:  If you make a gift to our Individuals at Risk programme, the impact will be felt not only by the human rights defender at risk, but also by the communities and groups that they represent. 

Read more about our work on individuals at risk

Education: Inspiring the next generation of human rights defenders

We believe that human rights should be an integral part of every young person’s education. Our pioneering education programme reaches over 20,000 young people each year, introducing them to the issues. 

Every year Amnesty’s trained volunteer School Speakers visit classrooms or assemblies around the country to introduce young people to human rights issues. These enthusiastic and knowledgeable speakers inspire young people to take an active interest in  key ethical, social and political issues and encourage young people and teachers to take action to stand up for human rights.

What your gift can achieve: In order to be inspired, children need inspirational teachers. We provide specialist training to new and existing teachers. Our ground-breaking training scheme equips teachers with the knowledge, practical ideas and resources needed to engage young people in human rights. With your help we can continue to inspire more young people to stand up for human rights.

Give a major gift to Amnesty now and help us keep up this important work