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Stopping arms flows to Yemen

It’s now been four years since the conflict in Yemen began. All sides of the conflict are responsible for violations of international law, but countless air strikes – led by a Saudi coalition – have killed over thousands of Yemeni civilians. Homes, schools, hospitals, roads and factories have been obliterated.

As the war has raged on, Amnesty has documented these serious violations of international law.
Our investigators have found evidence of a British-made bomb used to destroy a ceramics factory. We’ve documented the use of internationally banned UK cluster bombs. Other Western-made bombs have been used to kill school children on school buses. In some instances, such strikes have even appeared to directly target civilians or civilian objects.

While UK arms companies are making money, Yemeni civilians are dying in their thousands. It’s shameful and it’s got to stop.

This story map visualises positive moves in six countries over the past few months towards stopping arms flows to the Saudi/UAE-led coalition in Yemen. These include Belgium, Canada, Italy, Switzerland, UK and USA.