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Urgent Action Outcome: Human Rights Lawyer Released

After 22 months of detention, Mahienour el-Masry was provisionally released on 18 July.

Third update on UA 131/19

Urgent Action Outcome: Mamadou Konate’s deportation suspended

Mamadou Konaté immigrant worker from Ivory Coast who has lived in Canada for six years no longer at risk of deportation.

1st update on UA 115/21

Urgent Action Outcome: Human rights defender released

On 17 July, the Egyptian authorities provisionally released journalist and human rights defender Esraa Abdelfattah.

1st update on UA 145/20

Urgent Action Outcome: Pratasevich and Sapega under house arrest

Raman Pratasevich and his partner Sofya Sapega have been
moved from pretrial detention to house arrest.

1st update on UA 57/21

Urgent Action Outcome: Trade unionist acquitted

On 20 May, long-standing trade unionist Frédéric Vuillaume was acquitted by the court in Dijon, eastern France.

1st update on UA 52/21

Urgent Action outcome: Ailing professor granted bail, charges remain

Professor Muhammad Ismail was finally granted bail by the Peshawar High Court on 12 April 2021.

3rd update on UA 148/19

Urgent Action Outcome: Journalist found innocent by jury

Andrea Sahouri was found innocent by the jury of her trial that ended on 10th March 2021.

1st update on UA 14/21

Urgent Action Outcome: Four of five families freed from detention

Four of five families freed from detention.

5th update on UA 116/20

Urgent Action Outcome: Deportation of Chechen man suspended

A.S., a Chechen man who was held in immigration detention in France was released on 20 February.

1st update on UA 24/21

Urgent Action Outcome: Peaceful protester released after 16 months

Prisoner of conscience Konstantin Kotov, convicted for “violations of regulations of public assemblies” was released.

1st update on UA 82/20