Urgent Action: The state is repressing demonstrators in Nicaragua

Nicaraguan authorities have responded violently to demonstrations taking place throughout the country.

UA 080/18 issued 24/04/2018

Urgent Action: Over 2,000 Afghans at risk of deportation in Turkey

Turkey has deported 7,100 Afghan citizens, and at least 2,000 more are detained and at risk of deportation.

UA 077/18 issued 24/04/2018

Urgent Action: Disappeared human rights defenders at risk of torture in Pakistan

Deedar Ali Shabrani, a journalist from Pakistan, is believed to have been forcibly disappeared.

UA 78/18 issued 24/04/2018

Urgent Action: Indigenous leader on hunger strike hospitalized in Chile

Mapuche Indigenous spiritual leader Machi Celestino Córdova is at risk after spending more than 90 days on hunger strike.

UA 75/18 issued 19/04/2018

Urgent Action good news: Kachin prisoner of conscience freed in Myanmar

Kachin prisoner of conscience Lahpai Gam has been released from prison following a Presidential amnesty on 17 April 2018.

2nd update on UA 83/17 issued 20/04/2018

Urgent Action update: Review for upheld death sentence requested in Bahrain

The review of the cases of Mohamed Ali Hussain and Hussain Ali Moosa Hussain Mohamed were requested.

4th update on UA 1/15 issued 19/04/2018

Urgent Action good news: Kachin pastors released in Myanmar prisoner amnesty

Kachin pastors Dumdaw Nawng Lat and Langjaw Gam Seng have been released from prison following a Presidential amnesty.

4th update on UA 13/17 issued 20/04/2018

Urgent Action update: Chinese activist 8 year sentence upheld

Prominent Chinese activist Wu Gan continues to face grave risks of torture and other ill-treatment.

4th update on UA 129/15 issued 19/04/2018

Urgent Action update: Prisoner of conscience in Kazakhstan released on bail

On 13 April, prisoner of conscience, Akmaral Tobylova was released on bail.

1st update on UA 63/18 issued 18/04/2018

Urgent Action good news: More than fifty critics released without charge in Sudan

56 opposition party members and human rights defenders arrested in January and February were released without charge.

2nd update on UA 35/18 issued 18/04/2018