Ugent Action Update: Fifteen released, five still arbitrarily detained

Fifteen of the 21 released. Five men remain arbitrarily detained at the NSS headquarters, while one has been charged.

7th Update on UA 087/16 issued on 19/10/2017

Urgent Action: Man held in South Sudan in poor conditions, denied family visits

James Gatdet, who was unlawfully transferred from Kenya, has been charged with several offenses among them ‘Treason’

UA 240/17 issues 19/10/2017

Urgent Action good news: Texas court issues stay of execution

The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals has granted a stay of execution to Clinton Young, who was due to be put to death.

1st update on UA 230/17 issued on 18/10/2017

Urgent Action update: Activist faces trial for ‘homosexual propaganda’ in Russian Federation

On 18 October, a court in Samara will hear the case against human rights defender Evdokia Romanova.

1st update on UA 209/17 issued 16/10/2017

Urgent Action update: Crimean Tatar leader sentenced to prison

Prominent Crimean Tatar activist Ilmi Umerov was sentenced to two years in penal colony on 27 September.

2nd update on UA 205/16 issued 13/10/2017

Urgent Action: Mexican national facing execution in Texas

Ruben Ramírez, a 47-year-old Mexican national denied his consular rights, is due to be executed in Texas on 8 November.

UA 239/17 issued 12/10/2017

Urgent Action update: Bill leading to military impunity approved in Brazil

A proposed bill has been approved which will transfer to the Military Court the ability to try human rights violations.

1st update on UA 236/17 issued 11/10/2017

Urgent Action: Uzbekistani journalist at risk of extradition

Uzbekistani journalist and poet Narzullo Akhunzhonov was detained by Ukrainian border guards on 20 September.

UA 238/17 issued 11/10/2017

Urgent Action: Environmental human rights defender in Madagascar falsely accused

Malagasy environmental human rights defender Raleva has been detained based on the false charge of ‘use of false title’.

UA 237/17 issued 10/10/2017

Urgent Action: Proposed bill in Brazil could lead to military impunity

A proposed bill under consideration would transfer to the Military Court the ability to try human rights violations.

UA 236/17 issued 09/10/2017