Urgent Action update: Detained rights lawyer further ill-treated in China

Sixty-year-old human rights lawyer Li Yuhan reported to her lawyer that she was left unconscious and unattended for hours

2nd update on UA 227/17 issued 05/12/2017

Urgent Action: Papuan worker in Indonesia disappeared since 7 November

Martinus Beanal, a Papuan worker has disappeared since 7 November in the midst of alleged escalated armed clashes.

UA 262/17 issued 05/12/2017

Urgent Action update: Kachin pastor sentenced to four years in prison in Myanmar

Kachin pastors Dumdaw Lat and Langjaw Seng have been sentenced under charges which AI believes are politically motivated.

3rd update on UA 13/17 issued 05/12/2017

Urgent Action update: Mother and son risk being sent to prison camp in North Korea

A woman who was identified as Lee Su-jung in China and her son were forcibly returned to North Korea.

1st update on UA 253/17 issued 05/12/2017

Urgent Action update: Polish government attempts further control of judiciary

On 22 November, proposals to increase the government’s control of the judiciary were put before the Polish Parliament.

2nd update on UA 173/17 issued 24/11/2017

Urgent Action: Authorities block march, charge participants in Thailand

16 individuals were arrested during a march against plans for a coal-fired power plant and may face criminal charges.

UA 260/17 issued 04/12/2017

Urgent Action: Seven killed during joint security operation in Brazil

Seven men were killed during a joint security operation of the Civil Police and the Army.

UA 259/17 issued 30/11/2017

Urgent Action update: Detained couple's health critically deteriorating in Egypt

Ola al-Qaradawy and her husband Hossam Khalaf have been arrested on unfound charges and held in poor prison conditions.

1st update on UA 206/17 issued 29/11/2017

Urgent Action: Activist faces seven charges for peaceful protest in Singapore

Singapore activist Jolovan Wham is facing seven charges for organizing several peaceful assemblies over a one-year period

UA 258/17 issued 29/11/2017

Urgent Action update: Sudanese student held in solitary confinement

Naser Aldeen Mukhtar Mohamed he is still being held without charge in solitary confinement at the NISS detention centre.

1st update on UA 203/17 issued 27/11/2017