Urgent Action: Bahraini's fate and whereabouts unknown

Fadhel Sayed Abbas Hasan Radhi has been detained without charge since his arrest on 29 September 2016. He has had no access to a lawyer and only limited access to his family.

UA 30/17 issued 31/01/2017

Urgent Action update: Prisoner of conscience's conviction upheld in Kazakhstan

On 20 January, the Atyrau Regional Court in western Kazakhstan upheld the decision to sentence human rights defenders and prisoners of conscience Maks Bokaev and Talgat Ayan to five years in prison for their involvement in the organization of peaceful demonstrations and their posts on social media.

4th update on UA 115/16 issued 31/01/2017

Urgent Action: Demand release of human rights defender in Cuba

Five days after Fidel Castro’s death, human rights defender Eduardo Cardet was detained and has since been held in provisional detention in Holguín, south-east Cuba.

UA 32/17 issued 31/01/2017

Urgent Action: Indigenous leader killed, community at risk in Mexico

On 1 February, Indigenous leader Juan Ontiveros Ramos was found dead in Chihuahua State, northern Mexico.

UA 27/17 issued 02/02/2017

Urgent Action update: Arbitrarily detained for over a year in Argentina

The social leader Milagro Sala has been arbitrarily detained since 16 January. The Argentine government has not complied with the UN decision ordering her immediate release.

2nd update on UA 13/16 issued 02/02/2017

Urgent Action: Detainee held incommunicado in Venezuela

Retired general Raúl Isaías Baduel is currently in detention and has had no contact with his lawyers or family since 22 January.

UA 33/17 issued 02/02/2017

Urgent Action: Increasing smear campaign against defenders in Honduras

International organization Global Witness, along with Honduran organizations MILPAH, COPINH and CEHPRODEC are facing a smear campaign against them for their work defending land, territory and environmental rights in the country.

UA 34/17 issued 02/02/2017

Urgent Action good news: Children released from unlawful detention in India

Rayees Ahmad Mir and Waheed Ahmed Gojree have been released after the Jammu and Kashmir High Court quashed their detention orders on 6 and 31 December 2016 respectively.

1st update on UA 239/16 issued 03/02/2017

Urgent Action update: Zimbabwe human rights defender re-arrested

Pastor Evan Mawarire, a human rights defender and leader of the #ThisFlag movement in Zimbabwe, was arrested again on 1 February on arrival at Harare International Airport.

2nd update on UA 169/16 issued 03/02/2017

Urgent Action update: Paramilitary build-up in peace community in Colombia

Residents in several hamlets in or near the Peace Community of San José de Apartadó in north-western Colombia continue to report the presence of paramilitaries.

2nd update on UA 236/16 issued 03/02/2017