Women activists face prison sentences

11 Saudi women activists on trial risk prison sentences for their activism.

Second update on UA: 105/18

Free author Ahmet Altan

Renowned Turkish author and former newspaper editor was re-detained after a court overturned the decision to release him.

First UA: 166/19

Outcome: University lecturer released

Ethiopian university teacher was released after three months imprisonment for writing a book he claims no involvement in.

Outcome UA: 123/19

Man at risk of imminent execution

Belarusian man at risk of execution, following a trial which human rights defenders say violated his right to fair trial.

First UA: 168/19

Palestinian NGO worker in administrative detention

A Palestinian NGO worker and activist has been issued a 4-month administrative detention order by Israeli military.

First UA: 161/19

Further prison sentences for "Peacock Generation"

Six members of a satirical poetry troupe face additional charges and a year in prison for criticising the military.

First update on UA: 147/19

Human rights defender's body found after 40 days missing

Missing indigenous human rights defender has been found dead 40 days after his disappearance.

First UA: 162/19

Human rights defender imprisoned and ill-treated

Crimean human rights defender, Server Mustafayev, faces up to 25-years imprisonment on false terrorism charges.

First UA: 150/19

Papuan activists face maximum life imprisonment

Six political activists face life imprisonment for peacefully campaigning for the self-determination of Papua.

First UA: 130/19

Transgender rights march at risk of attack

Trans rights activists holding a rights march need to be be protected by police following violence at last year's march.

First UA 157/19