Urgent Action: Oromo civilians in Ethiopia killed, wounded by the military

At least 22 members of the Ethiopian Oromo community have been killed or wounded by military officers

UA 40/18 issued 20/02/2018

Urgent Action good news: Convicted environmental activists released in Cambodia

Two environmental activists were released after serving five months out of their 1-year prison sentences.

1st update on UA 279/17 issued 19/02/2018

Urgent Action: Pro-democracy activists arbitrarily detained in DRC

Pro-democracy activists have been in arbitrary detention since 21 January. They have alleged that they were beaten.

UA 39/18 issued 19/02/2018

Urgent Action update: Russian whistle-blower faces two more months in jail

Whistle-blower Aleksandr Eivazov has spent six months in detention. However he may face an extension of two more months.

1st update on UA 228/17 issued 16/02/2018

Urgent Action good news: Turkish Medical Association leaders released

All 11 doctors who were detained calling for an end to Turkey’s military operation in Afrin have been released.

2nd update on UA 16/18 issued 16/02/2018

Urgent Action: Hundreds arrested in Sudan, wherabouts unknown

At least 140 opposition party members, human rights defenders, students and women rights activists were detained.

UA 35/18 issued 15/02/2018

Urgent Action Update: Twelve men at imminent risk of execution in Saudi Arabia

Twelve Saudi Arabian men are at imminent risk of execution after the Supreme Court ratified their death sentences.

1st Update on UA 182/17 issued 15/02/2018

Urgent Action: Father appeals for son’s life to be spared in Texas, USA

Thomas Whitaker, aged 38, is due to be executed in Texas on 22 February. His father is appealing for his son's clemency.

UA 037/18 issued 14/02/2018

Urgent Action Update: New threats against indigenous community in Kenya

The Sengwer Indigenous community are facing new threats of eviction

1st Update on UA 6/18 issued 14/02/2018

Urgent Action Update: Death sentence of veteran activist upheld in China

Xu Youchen is facing imminent execution after the Henan Provincial Higher People’s Court rejected his appeal

2nd Update on UA 3/17 issued 14/02/2018