Urgent Action: Jailed for reporting on workers’ protests

Iranian journalists Amir Amirgholi, Sanaz Alahyari and Amirhossein Mohammadifar arbitrarily detained since January.

UA 95/19 issued 03/07/2019

Urgent Action: Indigenous community at risk of eviction

The Tekoha Sauce Indigenous community in Paraguay are, once again, at risk of eviction from their ancestral territory.

UA 89/19 issued 02/07/2019

Urgent Action: National guard harasses migrant shelter

Rise of concerning behaviours that could put as risk the rights of migrants, refugees, asylum seekers and HRDs in Mexico.

UA 93/19 issued 01/07/2019

Urgent Action: Four women jailed for attending may day rally

Iranian activists Anisha Assadolahi, Atefeh Rangriz and Neda Naji and Iranian journalist Marzieh Amiri detained.

UA 97/19 issued 09/07/2019

Urgent Action: Palestinian held in airport risks deportation

Palestinian refugee from Syria, Mohamed Ajlani Younes has been held arbitrarily and in poor conditions in Istanbul.

UA 98/19 issued 08/07/2019

Urgent Action: Lawyer sentenced to over 29 years in prison

Human rights lawyer Amirsalar Davoudi has been sentenced to 29 years and three months in prison and 111 lashes.

UA 94/19 issued 05/07/2019

Urgent Action: Human rights defender at risk

Danelly Estupiñan has been followed by two unknown men for the past seven months because of her human rights work.

UA 91/19 issued 01/07/2019

Urgent Action outcome: Detainee released

Gilber Caro was released on 17 June 2019, prior to a United Nations Human Rights High Commissioner’s visit to Venezuela.

2nd update on UA 55/19 issued 28/06/2019

Urgent Action: Artisanal miners at risk as the army moves in

10,000 artisanal miners are at risk of serious human rights violations if removed from a mining area where they work.

UA 92/19 issued 28/06/2019

Urgent Action update: Journalist's hearing adjourned again

For the third time now, the Cabo Delgado Provincial Court postponed the pre-trial hearing of journalist Amade Abubacar.

6th update on UA 01/19 issued 28/06/2019