Urgent Action: Indigenous communities attacked and at risk

The Pemón Indigenous communities in the Canaima National Park (western Venezuela) were the target of a violent attack during a two-day military operation, for which there was no justification. The communities fear for their safety in the context of these operations and the militarization of their ancestral territory ordered by the national government.

Take action.

Please write urgently, in Spanish or in English, to Venezuelan authorities:

  • Calling for a thorough, immediate and impartial investigation into the circumstances in which Charly Peñaloza was killed and other members of the Pemón Indigenous communities were injured, for the findings to be made public and for those responsible to be brought to justice;
  • Urging the authorities to take the necessary measures to guarantee the physical integrity of the Pemón Indigenous communities of the Canaima National Park and other areas where the Tepuy Protection Plan is being implemented, with the full participation of the Indigenous people of the area, respecting their traditional authorities and special jurisdiction, as established in national and international law.



Ministry of Popular Power for Internal Affairs and Justice

Néstor Luis Reverol

Esquina Platanal, Este 1,

Av. Urdaneta,

Caracas, Distrito Capital        

Fax: +58 (0212) 5061111

Twitter: @MIJPVenezuela

Email: despachoministro@mijp.gob.ve

Salutation: Dear Minister


Ministry of Popular Power for Indigenous Peoples

Aloha Nuñez

Av. Universidad Antiguo Edificio Sudeban,

Piso 8 Caracas

Distrito Capital Avenida Universidad,

Caracas 1012,

Fax: +58 (0212) 5416355

Email: Minpppidespacho@gmail.com


Salutation: Dear Minister


And copies to:

The Ombudsman's Office

Alfredo Ruiz

Av. Urdaneta, Centro Financiero Latino,

Piso 26, Los Anaucos,


Fax: +58 (0212) 5077025

Email: contacto@defensoria.gob.ve

Twitter: @Defensoria_Vzla

Salutation: Dear Mr


Also send copies to Venezuelan diplomatic representatives accredited to your country.

HER EXCELLENCY ROCÍO MANEIRO Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela 1 Cromwell Road SW7 2HW 020 7584 4206 or 020 7581 2776 Fax 020 7589 8887 embavenezuk@venezlon.co.uk info@venezlon.co.uk http://reinounido.embajada.gob.ve/

Please check with your section office if sending appeals after the above date. 


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