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Understanding the Amnesty Movement Training

This presentation has been created for student group committees to deliver to their student groups as an introduction to Amnesty International. 

The presentation will provide your group with an overview of the history of Amnesty International and the issues that Amnesty International works on. It goes into detail on how Amnesty is structured at a global and domestic level, and how student groups can take part in the democratic decision-making processes of the organisation.

A  script has been written to assist you in delivering the Understanding the Amnesty Movement presentation to your student group. Practice the presentation a couple of times and feel free to adapt the script or use your own words. 

We recommend giving an 45-60 minutes for the presentation. Sections can be removed to suit the audience, their interests and the amount of time avaliable. 

If you have any questions about delivering this presentation, please email

This script was correct as of September 2020.

Understanding the Amnesty Movement [with notes].pptx
Understanding the Amnesty Movement [script].docx