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Open Letter to Home Secretary

Almost a year ago, MPs from across the political spectrum united behind a common cause as they overwhelmingly voted to introduce a law that would help reunite refugee families. 

The current rules condemn child refugees, fleeing conflict and persecution, to live in the UK without their parents. It also prevents parents from bringing their children over the age of 18. At a time when refugees need their families the most, they are being forced to be without them indefinitely.

They say a week is a long time in politics, but a year is a long time to wait. For refugee families it means a year of missed birthdays, Christmases, Mother’s Days, Father’s Day and Eids.

We cannot let the urgent crowd out the important. We urge you to use your power to stop the delays on this Bill and allow it the necessary time to proceed and be debated. With your help we can bring families together. 

Download the full letter below.

Open Letter to Home Secretary