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Ombudsman's life at risk over death threats

Riot police in Ecuador

The life and personal integrity of Ombudsman Freddy Carrión and his family are at risk. He recently received repeated death threats, including a bomb threat at his family's home on 13 February. Even though he publicly denounced this situation, the Ecuadorian government has failed to protect him and his family. The Ombudsman stated that this is a retaliation for his human rights work during the crisis in October 2019. We call on the Attorney General to grant immediate protection to him and his family and to investigate these threats in an immediate, impartial and independent manner.

Taking action

Send letters to the Attorney General, Diana Salazar:

Juan León Mera N19-36 y Av. Patria,

Edificio Fiscalía General del Estado,

Quito, Ecuador


You can also send copies to your country's embassy:

Ambassador Jaime Marchan-Romero,

Embassy of Ecuador,

3b, 3 Hans Cres, Knightsbridge,

London SW1X 0LS

Social Media:

Diana Salazar, Attorney General

Twitter: @DianaSalazarM2; @FiscaliaEcuador

Facebook: @ FiscalDianaSalazar; @FiscaliaGeneralDelEstado

Show solidarity by tagging Freddy Carrión, Ombudsman:

Twitter: @DefensoriaEc; @FreddCarrion

Facebook: @Freddy.Carrion.9404

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