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Local Group Activity Pack September 2015: Stop the trade in torture equipment

Call on the UK to stop the trade in torture equipment


As a result of concerns raised by Amnesty International and others, the EU introduced specific laws to restrict the trade in torture equipment in 2005. But there are loopholes that mean certain types of trade or certain categories of torture equipment continue to be traded. The EU is currently reviewing the regulation banning the trade in equipment used for torture and the death penalty and we have a unique opportunity to close these loopholes.

Why now?

EU – MEP review process reaching its conclusion

The European Union (EU) is currently reviewing the law which prohibits trade in items used for torture. Many of you have written or met with your MEPs. It is now expected that MEPs will finalise recommendations for this review by the end of November 2015, so if you haven’t written or met with your MEP, there is still time (please see “further actions” section).  Now the campaign will start to shift focus to the individual European governments, including the UK Government, who will now also have to agree to the changes proposed by the European Parliament. The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills is responsible for this area of work. Following the decisions by the European Parliament in November, there will be a period of negotiation between EU Council of Ministers (UK and other EU member states), the EU Commission and MEPs and only when agreement is reached between the three institutions, the review of the EU Torture trade law will be complete.

Now is the time to call on the UK government to support our call to close the loopholes that allow people in the EU to profit from the trade in torture equipment.

EU Tools of Torture action